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In The Pipeline (wherever that is!) UPDATED

~Admit One by Wendy Yondorf; Elizabeth Healy and Michael Alden, producers

~Onassis, adapted for the stage by Anthony Skordi and Karen Carpenter;

J. Todd Harris, producer, Jamie Cesa, general manager

~Love and Class in Connecticut by Susan Cinoman

~The Split by Frank Strausser; Barbara Ligeti, line producer

~Our Lady: a fantasia, by James Fluhr

~There's Something I Have to Tell You, music by Barbara Hustedt Crook,

book and lyrics by Robert M. Strozier; Thom Schilling, general manager

~Mother Eve by Ashley Wren Collins, et al; Pamela Laudenslager and Colleen Lober for

Hemisphere Two, producers

~Wallenberg, music by Benjamin Rosenbluth, book and lyrics by Laurence Holzman and

Felicia Levinson; Douglas Evans, producer


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