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Love and Class in Connecticut by Susan CInoman UPDATED

Workshop and Readings, July 7-10, 2014, NY.

~Starring Geneva Carr, Brian J. Carter, Susan Sullivan (Castle,) Ally Walker ( Sons of Anarchy, The Profiler,) Micky Solis.


A dysfunctional family comedy, Love and Class centers on two sisters, both vying for affection from their mother and the same man, although one is already married to him. Post-partum lawyer Jill is hiding out in her mother's perfect home in the Conneticut suburbs with her newborn, unable to cope. Suddenly her beautiful, black-sheep of an artistic sister, Tina, shows up univited, to disrupt the proceedings. Jill's doctor-husband Frank suddenly arrives, too, and it's clear that Tina and Frank have had private relations (?!) of some kind. Helen does her level best to maniuplate the entire family leading up to the baby's naming day, as eveyone and everything spirals out of control.


AND WHAT A WORKSHOP WE HAD! The cast just whaled on Susan's script. (Will post photos from the day In Production.) Everyone laughed out loud throughout. There was a lot of interest in the room. Everyone we wanted, who was there, wants to come in. So that's very exciting stuff.

Targeting Broadway Spring of 2015 (But you know how that goes, could be another year. Positive thoughts!) Susan doing a tight rewrite off of this hearing.

Laugh out loud hilarious. And moving, too, as it involves casting off the yoke of a controlling Mom, learning how to love your sibling again, and patching up the pieces of what was almost a broken marriage. Is that all? Oh, let's not forget, caring for baby at the same time!

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